US Government $7 Billion Aid Will Increase Access to Electricity For Africans

africa-electricityJust over two thirds of the residents in the sub-Saharan Africa are not privileged to electricity.  In fact, only 18 percent of Kenyan residents have electricity in their homes.  Plans are however afoot to increase accessibility of the utility through collaborative efforts between the US government and Power Africa.  The aim is to double the number of people who have access to electricity within 5 years.  Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Liberia and Kenya are the first countries that will benefit from the project.

The initiative however faces a challenge in that many of the districts that are without electricity are in remote areas.  Therefore, roads will have to be upgraded before construction of the grids begins. The project will receive loan guarantees and financial support in the amount of $7 billion.  In addition, private investors have pledged their support with more than $14 billion.

This collaboration with the US government and private interests will drive the initiative and increase the level of access to electricity in Africa within a short time.